Distillery Monogram is one of the most beautiful regional distilleries, with contemporary kettles where the brandy of uncompromising quality is produced. The complex of distillery Monogram extends over 30 hectares of fertile soil, of which 20 hectares refers to orchards with apple, pear, plum and quince plantations, and production capacity, while the other 10 are adapted to tourist needs and contents.

The brand Monogram in its assortment has 8 types of fruit brandy and 6 types of fruit liqueurs. The distillery can produce 120000 liters per year. The distillery is located in the village of Donji Skugric, hamlet Misici, 10 km from Modrica, and 7km from Gradacac.

Within the distillery, there is a small family hotel Monogram 4* and Hunting house (holiday home). Hidden among the orchards, the Hotel Monogram is for sure one of the most beautiful places to stay in the heart-shaped country. Away from the city noise, the hotel Monogram offers peace and unique experience of the aroma while tasting our products. The distillery, the hotel, and the restaurant were inspired by the beautiful, warm family idyll that we wanted to share with you too. Traditional kindness and hospitality are the reason why you will wish to return to this small paradise under Trebava Mountain. Here, everything is about relaxation, and you are in direct contact with nature.

The hotel has 26 accommodation units, of which 22 rooms and 4 suites. Total hotel capacity and Hunting house is 80 beds. Most of the rooms have a view to nature and our orchards, all rooms are adapted to the high standards of hotel management, they are comfortable and offer the opportunity for an exceptional vacation.

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