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Jam House

Jam House

Under the brand HOUSE JAM, we produce seven types of extra jams. Distinctive natural taste and smell of first-class fruit, harvested from our orchards. Produced out of love, using a combination of traditional recipes and modern technology. The quality and richness of the fruit made them satisfy everyone's palate. They are made from fruit with the addition of sugar, pectin and citric acid. Our extra jams contain a 65% share of fruit, while the amount of additional sugar is reduced, and thus the energy value, which makes them suitable for people who pay attention to the intake of calories in the body.
In our collection you can find:

PLUM extra jam with chocolate

A good traditional plum jam enriched with a slice of chocolate. Simple and special will satisfy all chocolate lovers. The fantastic blend gives the senses of taste and smell real enjoyment.

APRICOT extra jam

Bright orange, sour taste that refreshes. It was made by our grandmothers, and it will also be made by grandchildren because it never goes out of fashion. An ingredient that often appears in the recipes of the most delicious cakes.

QUINCE extra jam

Quince is a unit of its kind and a vitamin bomb. It is a symbol of love, happiness, fertility, intelligence, beauty, perseverance, and impermanence. Jam made from this noble fruit is certainly something we are proud of. He shifts the standards, and only when the rehearsal becomes does the weight of the previous sentence become clear.

APPLE extra jam with mint and lemon

Slightly unusual taste and interesting green color, which exudes nature. The combination of apple, mint, and lemon will make you enjoy every new bite. Self-sufficient, unique, and different from anything you’ve ever tried.

SHIPURAK extra jam

Demanding but worth the effort! Rosehip, or wild rose, has long been known for its quality properties. An ideal way to say that it means something to you through a gift to a particularly dear woman.

DRENJINA extra jam

Drenjina jam with which pancakes become my favorite dessert. This small miraculous fruit of irresistible taste was carefully chosen to represent us. We have learned that the products of ripe dogwoods are almost as medicinal as fresh fruits. Feed on taste, smell and health!

PEPPER extra jam sweet-spicy

We have nothing against ajvar, but we make jam from our peppers! The youngest in the collection, made with a lot of care, to capture the same. Never unnoticed, most often tested and always praised.