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Monogram Brandes And Liquers

Monogram Brandes And Liquers

Under the Monogram brand, our distillery produces eight types of brandy and six kinds of liqueurs. The technological process, led by prof. Dr. Predrag Vukosavljević from the Faculty of Agriculture in Zemun is based on quality, naturalness, and control. Whether it comes from our orchard or subcontractors, only the best fruits of first-class varieties are intended for production, and each of the three phases in the process is carefully monitored. A special way of preparing a barrel is designed.

What is especially important is that all drinks are completely natural, with no added sugar for fermentation, and liqueurs - without other artificial additives, although they are allowed for this drink by law. Control is carried out at the competent institutions in Banja Luka and Sarajevo, and each series is also checked out at the Zemun Agricultural Faculty. For expert evaluations and competitions, brandy from regular production is used, not from special series, to which the owners are particularly proud.

In our collection you can find:




Sophisticated but strong pear brandy. Bright, fresh, mildly frosty, discreetly sharp taste. Recognizable and yet unique. The hedonistic palate will recognize deep sweetness and playful juiciness. It fits perfectly with fish and vegetable dishes.









Sprinkled with golden dust, cautiously guarded,...a combination of mastery, art, and psychology. A sip that you are not used to. Finally, proof that magic exists! We make it!








Charismatic, lavish ruler.Stunning scent of a hot summer day. Full, mighty taste of victory. The color of old gold. The taste of Quince brandy is enriched by aromas from an oak tree barrels in which it is stored. It is full of life, drink for strong dishes, real decisions, and people you cannot by. Powerful as the truth.







We created a lady, with extraordinary aroma. Delicate and sophisticated, Apricot brandy has its own life, taste, and audience. The taste remains on the palate quite long enough, and slowly disappears while the scent of the apricot remains in the empty glass. It is hard to make better. 
We told you, it is the lady! 
Taste with an unusual enjoyment.








Golden yellow, firm, and provocative. Made from different sorts like Pozega, Trnovaca, and Cacanka, stored in an oak barrel, has a strong, distinctive taste, but easily slides down the throat.  This is a brandy of trust and simplicity. Superb variation on a classic theme. For those who love security and peace.








The color of the amber, the smell of apple bark, the freshness of rain, rich notes of an oak tree, tastes of autumn, and evenings in front of the fireplace. Behind the seeming simplicity lies an interesting guest. An old friend who does not stop to surprise you with his width. For those looking for new perspectives.







A lovely elixir. The color of cognac and the smell of forest and herbs. Harmony of intensity and healing. Drink for special occasions, the magic of secrets, cures old wounds, gorgeous overture for new challenges.








Gorgeous and strong. Copper color, unique aromas, and specific bitterness that awakens and heals. For those who are decisive, persistent, durable, and noble. It is easy to drink it alone, and can also be accompanied by tea or cocktails. An amazing partner for black chocolate.








Golden color, sophisticated aroma, slightly refreshing, exotic flavor. Like a gentle playful maestral. A wonderful accompaniment to the light desserts. Original, exalted feeling. For those who are not afraid of closeness.










A delicacy that disarms. Unconditional surrender to forest villas. Bachelorette party.  Red color, with a thick, striking, harmonious taste, calls on an adventure. For those who cannot standstill. Goes well with coffee and desserts.








An unusual taste, clearness of watercolors, and a reveling scent. Ruby color and a feeling of spring and liveliness. Seductive but not overwhelming. Good for planning and recapitulation. Partner with quiet thoughts and confidential conversations.








A mixture of plum brandy, acacia honey, and five species of medicinal herbs. Gentle yellow color, somewhat subtle, with a scent of honeycomb and youth. Slightly fresh lemon juice taste, medium sweetness. A taste of care, gentleness, serenity, and cheerfulness. For selfless and nostalgic people.








Health in the cup. Nutritionally valuable alcoholic beverage, antioxidant properties, warm caramel colors, characteristic bitterness, and fine plant flavor. Fresh and completely natural, contains 46 medicinal herbs and 8 fruit. Combined in ideal proportion wormwood, yarrow, elder, basswood, menthe, hawthorn, birch, fig, chamomile, sage, lavender, cinnamon, plum… strengthens the body, stimulates the spirit, and heals the soul and the body.







    Exclusive series, limited number, and volume. The smell of ripening, the feeling of shade on a hot day, the breath of peace and security. Potable and healing. Authority in appearance, convincing comfort in approach. For those who are constantly able to find freshness in things and appearances that they already know.